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    Welcome to the website of Regalux. For 15 years we are engaged with professional designing of warehouse space.

    Our team is a group of specialists who will create for you a proposal for comprehensive storage solutions.

    Through the ongoing collaboration with industry giants, we are dealing with complex, multi-level projects and create a perfectly optimized space for the needs of each company.

    With our help, the concept of efficiency gains in the eyes of the Customers a new, broader perspective of the storage space.

    The company Regalux is both a professional storage space planning, and a wide range of products necessary to equip each company. Here you will find the storage racks, storage lifts, conveyors and WMS software and AutoID system of highest quality. All products are made in accordance with proven technology developed by specialists.

    Assuming that each company has its own individual needs, even the smallest order we realize as a completely new challenge.

    In our offer you will find also forklifts that represent a significant part of the equipment of every warehouse. A wide range of machinery will allow you to choose the right model, which is tailored to individual needs. A qualified staff services used machines and the company Regalux gives you full guarantee of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    The experience and qualifications of our employees is an invaluable asset, which is implemented into our projects in many warehouses on the area of country and all over Europe.

    It is the time to take care of the optimal use of company's resources and spend the money saved for the further development of the company.

    Success is waiting around the corner, so please let us to show you the right way.